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Latest developments

Risk level per region

The number of people who newly tested positive has increased in the past week (9 to 15 September). Again, the sharpest rise in new infections was seen in the provinces of South-Holland and North-Holland. The number of newly tested positive persons increased across all age-groups, but most new infections were reported in the 20-24 year old group. The reproduction number has also increased, to 1.38. More COVID-19 patients were reported to have been admitted to the hospital or the ICU in the past week. Risk level per region can be ‘watchful’ (level 1), ‘worrisome’ (level 2) or ‘serious’ (level 3). The situation is worrisome in 6 out of 25 safety regions.

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Level of risk

The map indicates the level of risk per region. This can be ‘watchful’ (level 1), ‘worrisome’ (level 2) or ‘serious’ (level 3). Appropriate measures are taken per region.

Regional measures

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Distribution of confirmed cases in the Netherlands

These maps show how many confirmed cases of COVID-19 were reported yesterday per 100,000 inhabitants.

Number per 100.000 inhabitants

  • < 4
  • 4 - 7
  • 7 - 10
  • 10 - 20
  • 20 - 30
  • > 30