The situation in the Netherlands

Week summary

    The Corona thermometer position is1Low
    Development of the virus: the spread of the virus has remained about the same.
    Influence on healthcare sector: the availability of care is still under pressure in the nursing departments of the hospitals. The number of new hospital admissions of COVID patients slightly decreased further. IC occupancy remains quite low.

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Coronavirus thermometer

The position

Expectation for 31 January until 14 February 2023


The influence on society and healthcare due to the disease burden of the virus is low.

The position 1 is decided on 31 January 2023. The position remained the same.

Source: RIVM

Timeline coronavirus thermometer

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What do the four positions mean?

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Influence on healthcare sector

What can I do to prevent COVID from spreading?

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If you have symptoms, stay at home and do a self-test.

If you have Corona, self-isolate at home.

Keep your coronavirus vaccinations up to date.