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ICU admissions

This graph shows the total number of intensive care admissions and the average over seven days. Use the keyboard to navigate through the time in the graph. With the left and right arrow keys you can move backwards and forwards in time. Use the left angle bracket < to go back and the right angle bracket > to go forward. With page-up and page-down you make bigger steps. Use the Home key and End key to go to the beginning and end of the timeline.
  • Average number over seven days
  • ICU admissions
  • Data for recent days is incomplete due to reporting delays

The average number of ICU admissions between 8 May and 14 May was 3. This is a rounded number. The most recent days are not included in the average, because the figures for these days are not yet complete. A total of 33 people with COVID-19 are admitted to hospital intensive care unit (ICU).

More figures on intensive care admissions

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  • Intensive care admissions (average)
  • Hospital admissions (average)
  • Virus particles in wastewater
  • Vaccination coverage

The vaccination coverage in the Netherlands

This map shows the percentage of the population of each municipality or safety region that has been vaccinated against COVID-19.

The figures are not complete. The vaccination coverage is actually higher. Read the explanation in the Explanation of the data presented.

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