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Coronavirus Dashboard figures for press conference of 23 March 2021

The government currently sees no scope for easing the coronavirus restrictions. Although more people are being vaccinated, the number of positive cases and hospital admissions are also increasing. The Coronavirus Dashboard gives you the most recent data and provides more insight into the situation.

Picture of a person tested for COVID-19 from his car.

1. Positive effects of vaccination growing stronger

More than two million vaccine doses have now been administered. We can see vaccination is working by the falling number of infections in nursing homes, for instance.

Number of confirmed cases at nursing homes is dropping since vaccination started

2. But at the same time, R is higher than 1

The coronavirus variant that was first identified in the UK now accounts for more than 80% of confirmed cases in the Netherlands. This variant is more infectious and makes more people ill. In spite of the strict measures in place, the reproduction number (R) is increasing.

This image shows the current reproductionnumber: 1,11

3. More than 100,000 people are infectious

The number of infectious people is high, so a small increase in the percentage of infections represents a large increase in the number of infectious people.

This graph shows the estimated number of people that is currentely infectious with Covid-19

4. The number of COVID-19 patients in hospitals is cause for concern

If the number of hospital and ICU admissions increases much further, the pressure on the health and care sector will become too high. This will result in other forms of care and treatment being scaled down. It might also result in a shortage of ICU beds.

These graphs show the number of people admitted to hospital with Covid-19

5. People are getting tested faster, but compliance with the other measures is becoming harder

The figures for 23 March show that people are having more trouble complying with most of the coronavirus rules. Overall, more people are saying they will get tested if they have symptoms, but this group still represents less than half of the general population. In particular, compliance with the rule of receiving only one visitor per day has been falling for weeks.

This graph shows the percentage of people follwing the Covid-19 rules

6. We’re not there yet, but vaccination is opening up prospects

The more people who get vaccinated, the quicker we can move to the next phase, in which easing measures does not lead to extra hospital and ICU admissions. We can help make this happen faster by complying more strictly with the measures and getting tested more often.

This graph shows how many vaccins have been administered and how many are planned