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How coronavirus affects young and old

Coronavirus does not affect everyone to the same extent. Older people are more likely to die from COVID-19. This can be seen in the graph ‘COVID-19 deaths by age’.

A patient receives care at home

This article explains the graph "COVID-19 mortality: distribution by age" on the death page of the dashboard. There you will also find the current figures.

The grey bars on the left show how large each age group is, expressed as a percentage of the entire Dutch population (all groups added together total 100%). The blue bars on the right show the percentage of deaths by age group.

How to read the graph

If you tap on the graph (on your phone or tablet) or move your mouse pointer, you will see the figures per group. Take the age group 80 to 89, for example. In the grey bar on the left you can see that this group represents 4% of the Dutch population. In the blue bar on the right you can see that 44.8% of all coronavirus deaths are in this age group. This shows that there are proportionately more deaths from COVID-19 among people in this age group.

Deaths by age

If you look at all the blue bars, you will see that most deaths are in the older age categories.

Under 50

At the bottom of the graph you will see a long, striped bar on the left for the age group 0 to 49. The bar is striped because it is too long for this graph. This is because 59.5% of the Dutch population falls into this age group.

Deaths by age 0-49 years old

On the right, you can see that only 0.7% of the people who die from COVID-19 fall into this age group. Because so few people under 50 die, RIVM groups together people of all ages up to and including 49.