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How many people have been admitted to hospital?

The number of hospital admissions is an important factor in tackling the coronavirus pandemic. If the figure is too high, the healthcare system will be overburdened. In the worst case, this could mean that people cannot be admitted to hospital due to lack of beds and staff. This article provides more information on the figures presented on the dashboard page on ‘Hospital admissions per day’.

Hospital staff in consultation with each other.

This article explains the 'Hospital admissions per day' page on the dashboard. You will also find the most recent figures there.

The screenshot on the left shows how many COVID-19 patients were admitted to hospital on a single day. These are patients admitted to regular hospital beds as well as patients who were admitted from outside the hospital directly to the ICU. The date is the day on which the hospital admissions were reported, and may include admissions on previous days.

The figure uses data from the National Intensive Care Evaluation Registry (Stichting NICE). The screenshot on the right shows the total number of beds (not including ICU beds) occupied by COVID-19 patients. This figure comes from the National Coordination Centre for Hospital Admissions (LCPS).

This figure shows the reported number of hospital admissions per day, and the number of hospital beds occupied by patients with COVID-19

Hospital admissions nationwide

Beneath the figures for admissions and hospital bed occupancy, you can see a map of the Netherlands. This map shows where COVID-19 patients who have been admitted to hospital live, by safety region and municipality. These people may be in a hospital in a different part of the Netherlands than where they live.

Are numbers of hospital admissions falling?

The graph on progression in hospital admissions over time depicts the trendin hospital admissions. You can select the period you want to see from the bar on the top right. The most recent days on the graph will always show a falling line. This is because the figures are not yet complete. There are often delays in the reporting of hospital admissions, because this is time-consuming work and hospitals are too busy coping with the pandemic. This backlog takes a few days to resolve. To visualise the incomplete data, the background to the last four days in the graph is shaded grey.

This image shows the progression in hospital admissions over time.

At the bottom of the page you will see the graph showing hospital bed occupancy over time, going back to 1 June 2020.

This image shows the hospital occupancy over time.