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Do we stick to the curfew?

This article is about the curfew, which was in effect from January 23, 2021 to April 28, and about the measure receiving one visitor at home. We kept track of whether people adhered to these measures on the dashboard by means of a survey.

Someone walks their dog at night

The Netherlands has been in lockdown since 14 December. Since 23 January a night-time curfew has been in force. People can also now receive only one visitor to their homes instead of two. But are people sticking to these new rules?

The stricter rules are intended to prevent the virus spreading. The new variant first identified in the United Kingdom (Alpha variant) is 30 to 50% more infectious than other variants. Every three weeks, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) carries out a survey to see if people are following the rules in place. It also looks at whether people support the rules. The main results of the most recent survey are set out below.


The curfew is a far-reaching measure. Of the people surveyed, 75% support the curfew, 14% are against it and 11% are neutral. 94% of people surveyed said they followed the curfew rules.


Before 20 January, people could have up to 2 visitors a day. 71% of people supported this rule. Now the limit is one visitor per day, with 52% of people surveyed supporting the new rule. The percentage of people who said they were following the rule on the number of visitors also fell in comparison, but not quite as much; from 91% to 80%.

Number of visits

The number of visits that people receive has fallen from an average of 1.17 per week to 1.13. That is a reduction of 3.5%.

Are the rules and measures working?

It is difficult to say exactly what impact a specific rule or measure is having. In order to control the spread of an infectious disease, a combination of rules and measures is always needed. We know from previous surveys that when rules and measures become stricter, people follow them less closely. People still try their best but, over time, it becomes increasingly difficult.