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What do the figures of the GGD test locations say?

On the page ‘Positive tests’ you can also find the figures from GGD test centres. Roughly three-fourths of all coronavirus test results came from these test centres. The remaining quarter came from hospitals, nursing homes, commercial test providers, etc.

GGD test location

This article explains the information in the Dashboard section ‘Percentage of positive test results '. See that section for current figures.

At the top of the section you see two figures: on the left is the number of tests conducted per day for which the results are known, and on the right is the percentage of these test results that are positive. An arrow below each figure indicates whether it has increased or decreased. Both figures are 7-day averages and are based on data provided by GGD test centres. The results from the most recent few days are not included in these figures.

Average number of tests, number of people who have tested positive

Results shown by date of test

In the graph ‘Percentage of GGD positive test results, over time’, if you tap the screen (on your phone or tablet) or move your mouse pointer, you will see what percentage of test results was positive per day. The date shown in the graph is the date the tests were conducted, rather than when the results were reported. The test date is more important for policy makers because it is closer to the time the person was infected. It is therefore a better indication of the effect of specific measures on the number of infections.

Percentage of GGD positive test results over time

Test results over time

At the bottom of the page is a graph with the number of GGD test results over time. This graph has two lines: the dark blue line shows the total number of tests for which the results are known and the light blue line shows the number of test results that are positive. In the figure below you can see that on 21 December 2020 a total of 76,865 tests were conducted for which the results are known, and that 9,783 of those tests were positive. That means 12.7% of the tests conducted were positive.

Number of test results over time

The lines in the graph consistently rise and fall. At the weekends the numbers are lower.