Coronavirus dashboard

The coronavirus dashboard provides information on the development of the coronavirus in the Netherlands. Read more about this dashboard


Early indicators

Virus particles in wastewater Westvoorne

If someone is infected with coronavirus, coronavirus particles will usually be present in their excrement, which is carried away into the sewers. By testing wastewater samples collected at treatment plants, we can find out how much of the virus is present in a given area. Such testing is still experimental. In the long run we hope that wastewater testing will enable early detection and monitoring of coronavirus. Find out more about testing wastewater for coronavirus in the explanation of data presented.

Last values obtained on Tuesday, 19 January. Is updated on a daily basis.

Source: RIVM

Download data: RIVM

Average number of virus particles per 100,000 inhabitants

28.79 morethan the previous value
x100 billion
The weekly average for the municipality is calculated by adding up all the values measured in one week and dividing this by the number of measurements taken.

Value from Monday, 4 January - Sunday, 10 January · Source: RIVM

Number of measurement locations

Weekly number of sewage water treatment plants that have reported at least one measurement. The weekly average is calculated by taking the average of all measurements at these locations. This number can vary each week because not all measurements are successful.

Value from Monday, 4 January - Sunday, 10 January · Source: RIVM

Average number of virus particles per 100.000 inhabitants over time

x100 billion