Infections - Infectious people

Number of infectious people

A person who carries coronavirus can infect other people within a certain time frame. How long someone is infectious for differs from one person to another. The number of infectious people is estimated using data from various sources. It is not possible to know exactly how many people are infectious, but we can indicate whether there are dozens, hundreds, thousands or even more. Read more in 'explanation of the data presented'.

Last values obtained on Friday, 5 March. Is updated on a weekly basis.

Source: RIVM

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Estimated number of infectious people in the Netherlands:

2,182 lessthan the previous value
A calculation of how many people with COVID-19 can transmit the virus. This number is calculated by the RIVM.

Value of Thursday, 25 February · Source: RIVM

Number of infectious people over time (per 100,000 inhabitants)

  • The number of infectious people in the Netherlands.
  • The number of infectious people is an estimate. The uncertainty margin indicates how much higher or lower the actual number may be.

Source: RIVM