Hospitals - Intensive care units admissions

Intensive care admissions by day

Daily number of COVID-19 patients admitted to a hospital intensive care unit (ICU), directly or from a regular hospital ward. To avoid doubles only the first IC admission of a patient counts. This number gives information about the severity of the disease en helps track the development of the epidemic. To find out more about the information on this page, go to ‘Explanation of the data presented’.

Last values obtained on Saturday, April 10. Is updated on a daily basis.

Download data: NICE via RIVM & LCPS

Intensive care admissions per day

45 intensive care-admissions by day. Alert value: 10 admissions per day.
2 lessthan the previous value

Number of confirmed COVID-19 cases who are admitted to a hospital intensive care unit (ICU) per day. This figure shows how many hospital admissions are reported per day. It may include hospital admissions that occurred in previous days.

Value of Saturday, April 10 · Source: NICE via RIVM

ICU beds occupied by COVID-19 patients

788 (67.76%)
1 morethan the previous value

This number shows how many ICU beds are occupied by COVID-19 patients. The percentage shows what proportion of all occupied ICU beds this is. This is unrelated to maximum ICU capacity.

Value of Sunday, April 11 · Source: LCPS

ICU admissions over time

This graph shows ICU admissions. The figure for each day indicates the number of people actually admitted on that day, not the number of admissions reported on that day. This gives a clear picture of the development of coronavirus in the Netherlands. There are often reporting delays of a few days for ICU admissions; data for the most recent days is therefore incomplete.

Feb 27, 2020Apr 10, 2021050100150Alert value: 10
  • ICU admissions
  • Data for recent days is incomplete due to reporting delays

Source: NICE via RIVM

ICU bed occupancy over time

This graph shows the number of ICU beds occupied over time by patients with COVID-19. It represents not just the days on which patients were admitted to hospital but all days on which patients with COVID-19 were in hospital.

Feb 27, 2020Apr 11, 202105001,0001,500
  • ICU beds occupied
  • Data is less precise

Source: LCPS