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Netherlands stays in lockdown

The COVID-19 infection rate is falling slightly. This shows the lockdown is starting to work. To make sure numbers keep falling, the lockdown will continue until at least 9 February inclusive.

Current lockdown measures

At home
No more than 2 visitors per day (excluding children under 13).
Indoors and outdoors: no more than 2 people or 1 household in a group.
Venues normally open to the public
Museums, cinemas, theatres, zoos, libraries, swimming pools, amusement parks and other venues normally open to the public, are closed.
Restaurants, bars and events
All establishments serving food and drink are closed. This includes hotel restaurants and room service.
Takeaway meals may be ordered from restaurants.
Events are prohibited.
Groceries and shopping
Non-essential shops are closed.
Establishments including supermarkets, chemists, greengrocers and petrol stations may remain open.
Ban on alcohol after 20.00.
Contact-based industries
People working in non-medical contact-based industries, including hairdressers, tattooists, beauticians and masseurs cannot perform their work.
No more than 2 people, staying 1.5 metres apart at all times. This does not apply to children under 18 and elite athletes.
All indoor sports venues are closed.
No competitions or group lessons. This does not apply to elite athletes.
Travel and transportation
Stay home as much as possible.
Public transport for essential travel only.
Do not travel abroad or book trips abroad until 31 March inclusive.
Education and childcare
Remote and online teaching in primary, secondary, secondary vocational and higher education and for all other forms of training and educational activities. Exemptions include exams, practical lessons and education for vulnerable pupils. These measures apply until 7 February 2021 inclusive. A decision will follow on whether primary schools can reopen fully from 25 January.
Childcare centres are closed. These measures apply until 7 February 2021 inclusive. A decision will follow on whether childcare can reopen fully from 25 January.
Emergency childcare is available for children of key workers and for vulnerable children.
COVID-19 symptoms? Self-quarantine.
COVID-19 symptoms? Do not receive visitors.
COVID-19 symptoms? Get tested.
Work from home, unless this is not possible.
Keep 1.5 metres away from others.
If a place is busy, leave.
Wash your hands often.
Cough and sneeze into your elbow.
Wear a face mask where this is mandatory.