Spread of the virus


Statistics Netherlands (CBS) shows how many people have died. CBS compares this number with the expected number of deaths based on recent years.

Not all patients are tested and there is no obligation to report deaths from corona. As a result, the information from CBS provides a more complete picture than mortality from corona reported to the GGD.

Last values obtained on Wednesday, 20 September 2023. Is updated on Wednesday.

Source: CBS

Mortality per week

This graph shows whether more or fewer people died than expected. Excess mortality occurs when more people pass away than expected.

The orange line shows how many people passed away per week. The blue line and the strip around it show how much mortality CBS had expected based on previous years.

This graph shows whether the number of deaths in a given week is higher or lower than expected. The line ‘Actual mortality’ shows the number of deaths per week since 16 March 2020. The line ‘Predected mortality’and the area around the line show the number of deaths predicted by Statistics Netherlands based on the number of people who died in each given week in previous years. Use the keyboard to navigate through the time in the graph. With the left and right arrow keys you can move backwards and forwards in time. Use the left angle bracket < to go back and the right angle bracket > to go forward. With page-up and page-down you make bigger steps. Use the Home key and End key to go to the beginning and end of the timeline.
  • Predicted mortality
  • Actual mortality
  • Range of predicted mortality

Source: CBS

Mortality due to corona reported by the CBS

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) publishes about causes of death. COVID-19 is one of those causes. CBS reports every quarter on the causes of death for the last known quarter. The figures are from about three months ago. The report shows the number of people who have died from COVID-19 since the start of the corona pandemic.

Read more on the CBS website about the most recent report on causes of death and more information about mortality per week.

Archived graphs

The graphs below are no longer updated. More information and data files can be found in the explanation of the data presented .