About this dashboard

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The image shows a timeline from the "First corona infection China" in December 2019 to the current situation.
Timeline development corona virus

The corona dashboard is created by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. It provides up-to-date information about the development of the coronavirus in the Netherlands. The information comes from RIVM, Stichting NICE, the LCPS and CBS. This is how we track signals about the spread of the virus. With all this information, the government will assess whether and which measures are necessary.

Relevant, understandable and accessible

For the development of the dashboard, we look at what information is needed and important. We also ensure that the information on this site is clear to everyone and easy to read on any computer, tablet or phone. The information is available in Dutch and English.

Purpose of the dashboard

Due to the coronavirus, people can become seriously ill and die. The dashboard shows which phase the virus is in and what the impact is on healthcare. This way we can monitor and combat the virus if there is a resurgence, for example with measures. If measures are needed, social and economic interests are also taken into account.

Update frequency

Daily figures can vary greatly. The sources monitor current events and inform us. This allows us, if necessary, to adjust the update frequency of the figures. The dashboard is updated every Wednesday.


The dashboard complies with the privacy guidelines. It is not possible to see to which persons belong to which data.
All data from the dashboard is accessible to everyone. The open data are available at the sources. References to the sources can be found at coronavirus data explained.