About this dashboard

The dashboard shows, for example, many people with COVID-19 are in hospital and how many ICU beds are occupied by people with COVID-19. This information is used to determine the risk level for the Netherlands. The dashboard also shows how many people have tested positive for the virus and how much virus there is in sewage water. This information can help us pick up early signs that the rate of infection is increasing. Based on this, the cabinet determines which measures are needed to combat the virus.

Why a dashboard?

Many people have become ill because of coronavirus and many people have died. The dashboard shows, among other things, if and where the virus is gaining ground and whether the pressure on healthcare is increasing due to patients with COVID-19. This way we can fight the virus better, for example with measures. Measures must always be based on a comprehensive political assessment of all relevant aspects. When taking measures, broader social and economic interests are therefore also taken into account.

Does the dashboard respect my privacy?

Yes, the dashboard complies with privacy rules, so the data can’t be traced back to individuals. All the data is provided by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), municipal health services (GGDs) and hospitals, and is accessible to everyone. The dashboard lists its data sources.

Data updated regularly

The data on the dashboard is updated regularly. We keep track of the virus by following trends in various sources. Daily numbers can fluctuate widely. That is why we now update the figures 3 times a week (on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday). RIVM monitors current events and passes this on to us. This way we can adjust the update frequency of the figures again if the situation requires it.

Relevant, understandable and accessible

When developing the dashboard, we carefully considered which information is necessary and relevant, also when adding new functionalities. We also want the information on this site to be clear and understandable for everyone and and that it can be properly viewed on any device. The dashboard is available in Dutch and English.