Risk levels of the safety regions

The risk level of the safety regions will not be reassessed this week.

As from 25 September 2021, the government wants to determine the risk level for the entire country instead of per region. At that time, we will publish an explanation of how the risk level is determined and what the different risk levels mean.

Every week we assess the coronavirus situation in the various safety regions. We call this the risk level. This page shows the risk level of all regions. We also explain how risk levels are determined.

Current risk level

To determine the risk level for each region, we look at two numbers: the number of confirmed cases and the number of hospital admissions. The most serious of these two numbers determines the risk level. Below you can see how many regions fall under which risk level. Click on a risk level to see which regions fall under it, and how they scored on the two numbers.

  • Determined on 8 September

  • Based on figures from 30 August to 5 September

  • Will be reassessed around 15 September

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