We want everyone to be able to access the Coronavirus Dashboard in any browser, on their phone, tablet or computer. The information on the website can be complex. Therefore we try to present it in a way that is understandable for everyone – in Dutch and in English.

Do you see a page that is not accessible? Please report it to us via email.

What is an accessible website?

An accessible website is one that is easy to use for everyone. Under the Digital Accessibility of Government (Temporary Provisions) Decree, government websites must meet the requirements set out in EN 301 549/WCAG 2.1. These are guidelines aimed at ensuring websites are accessible for people with disabilities.

The Coronavirus Dashboard has requested an accessibility review. In the report you can read what the dashboard does and does not comply with when it comes to accessibility, next to the dashboard accessibility statement. This statement was last revised on 8 February 2021.

Since this date, the dashboard has been working on the points of improvement identified in the report. In addition, we continuously evaluate and improve accessibility.

What are we doing to improve the Coronavirus Dashboard’s accessibility?

We want to ensure accessibility by:

  • Accessibility by design: we take accessibility into consideration at every step as we design, construct and create content for the website.
  • Evaluation: independent experts regularly evaluate how accessible various parts of the website are in terms of user-friendliness and content. When problems are found, we resolve them.
  • User feedback: we regularly ask users about their experiences and use this information as a basis for improving the website.
  • Knowledge of team: our team continues to expand and apply their knowledge on accessibility.