Frequently asked questions

This dashboard contains various figures that provide information about the development of the corona virus in the Netherlands. Here we answer frequently asked questions about the figures and graphs on this dashboard.

Virus particles in wastewater

Why do the wastewater measurements show several municipalities?

Reproduction number

Why is the reproduction number not recent?
When is the reproduction number updated?

View on patients

Why do I see a gray bar on the 'Patients over time' graph?
Why are the figures still being changed or updated?
Why don’t you show how many people have been discharged from hospital?


Will the dashboard also give information about the vaccines’ side effects?
Why don't you display figures on confirmed cases and hospital admissions for people who have been vaccinated?


What is the difference between “value of” and “obtained”?
How do you make calculations per 100,000 inhabitants if fewer than 100,000 live in a municipality?