Frequently asked questions

The dashboard presents a variety of data that give us an idea of how we are managing the COVID-19 epidemic. In this section we give an answer to frequently asked questions. More information about the dashboard can be found here .


I see different numbers about vaccinations, how is that possible?
Can you show how many people (in a certain population category) have been vaccinated and what the vaccination coverage is?
Will the dashboard also give information about the vaccines’ side effects?
Why don't you display figures on confirmed cases and hospital admissions for people who have been vaccinated?

Hospital and ICU admissions

Why are hospital admissions falling in the graph while the numbers are high?
Why are the figures still being changed or updated?
Why don’t you show how many people have been discharged from hospital?

Positive tests

How come the number of confirmed cases in the safety region is not the same as all the confirmed cases in the municipalities in the safety region?
Where has the graph with ‘Distribution by age’ gone?
Where can I find information about confirmed cases?

Reproduction number

Why is the reproduction number so old?
When is the reproduction number updated?

Death rate

Why have the deaths of people younger than 50 been merged into a single age category?

Virus particles in wastewater

The last measurement deviates strongly from the average. Why is this?
Why do the sewage water measurements show several municipalities?

Regional numbers

What can I use the figures about my municipality or region for?
I can see that coronavirus is under control in my region. So why do the same measures apply here as in other regions?


What is the difference between “value of” and “obtained”?
How do you make calculations per 100,000 inhabitants if fewer than 100,000 live in a municipality?