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Compliance and support

The Netherlands’ approach is essentially to control the virus as much as possible, avoid overburdening the healthcare system and protect vulnerable groups. We can get coronavirus under control, but only if we all follow the basic rules.

This survey was carried out between Tuesday, 21 June and Monday, 27 June. Is updated every three weeks.

Source: RIVM

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Survey of the Dutch public

Every three weeks a survey of a representative sample of the Dutch population is carried out. Survey respondents all answer the same questions about the guidelines that the government has laid down to combat coronavirus. The purpose of the survey is to find out to what extent the public supports and follows these rules. The survey is coordinated and published by RIVM, and carried out by Kantar Public.

Number of respondents

204 people in this region participated in the survey between 21 June and 27 June.

Basic guidelines

This table shows the percentage of people from this safety region who support the guidelines and the percentage of people who comply with these guidelines in daily life. The table also hows whether this percentage increases, decreases or stays the same compared to the previous measurement.

Compliance: following guideline in daily life
Support: follow a guideline
Corona guidelinesPercentageCompared to previous survey*

* Any difference compared to the previous measurement can be shown with 95% certainty.

Compliance and support of the guidelines over time

This graph shows the changes in the percentage of respondents who reported following or supporting the guideline in daily life.

The map shows "Avoid busy places"
The map shows "Cough and sneeze into your elbow"
The map shows "Curfew"
The map shows "Do not exceed the maximum number of visitors at home"
The map shows "Ensure a good flow of fresh air in house"
The map shows "Give others enough space"
The map shows "Take a self test before visiting someone"
The map shows "Wash your hands often"
The map shows "Wear a face mask in indoor public spaces"
The map shows "Working from home"
This graph shows the changes in the percentage of respondents who reported following and who reported supporting the corona guidelines in their daily life. Use the keyboard to navigate through the time in the graph. With the left and right arrow keys you can move backwards and forwards in time. Use the left angle bracket < to go back and the right angle bracket > to go forward. With page-up and page-down you make bigger steps. Use the Home key and End key to go to the beginning and end of the timeline.
  • Support: supporting guideline in daily life
  • Support: follow a guideline

Value from Tuesday, 21 June - Monday, 27 June · Source: RIVM