Hospital admissions of inhabitants of safety region Utrecht

A rise in the number of patients with COVID-19 could overburden hospitals. This number is also a valid indicator for epidemic growth. This section of the dashboard shows the number of patients with COVID-19 admitted to hospital and the number of regular hospital beds occupied by patients with COVID-19.

Last values obtained on Wednesday, 18 May. Is updated on working days.

Source: NICE via RIVM

Average number of hospital admissions reported per day


This is the average number of people with COVID-19 admitted to hospital, including patients from outside the hospital admitted directly to the ICU. This is an average of the period between 7 May and 13 May. This is a rounded number. The most recent days are not included in the average, because the figures for these days are not yet complete.

Infection rates have been falling for some time. Keeping track of the bed occupancy in hospitals and ICU's on working days therefore provides sufficient information at the moment. That is why, from 14 April, we will only refresh these figures on the dashboard on working days.

Value from Saturday, 7 May - Friday, 13 May · Source: NICE via RIVM

Hospital admissions over time

This graph shows the number of hospital beds (excluding ICU beds) occupied over time by patients with COVID-19. It represents not just the days on which patients were admitted to hospital but all days on which patients with COVID-19 were in hospital.

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This graph shows hospital admissions, including admissions directly to ICU. The figure for each day indicates the number of people admitted with COVID-19 on that day. There are often reporting delays of a few days for hospital admissions; data for the most recent days is therefore incomplete. The line of the average over the last seven days is therefore not shown in this part of the graph, because it does not give a good picture of reality. Use the keyboard to navigate through the time in the graph. With the left and right arrow keys you can move backwards and forwards in time. Use the left angle bracket < to go back and the right angle bracket > to go forward. With page-up and page-down you make bigger steps. Use the Home key and End key to go to the beginning and end of the timeline.
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Source: NICE via RIVM

Number of hospital admissions in Utrecht

This map shows in which municipalities or safety regions patients live who have been hospitalized with COVID-19. Patients can also be admitted to a hospital in another part of the Netherlands. This is the recording date. Note: Because hospital admissions are often reported a few days later, the most recent days are not shown in this map.

Value of Friday, 13 May · Source: NICE via RIVM