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Hospital admissions reported per day of residents in Amsterdam-Amstelland

A rise in the number of patients with COVID-19 could overburden hospitals. This section of the dashboard shows the number regular hospital beds occupied by patients with COVID-19 and the number of patients with COVID-19 admitted to hospital each day. The dashboard provides national and regional figures drawn from various sources. Please note: as of 14 January 2021 the dashboard shows the number of hospital admissions reported daily. We no longer show a three-day average. Read more in 'explanation of the data presented'.

Calculated: Monday, 18 January. Updated daily.

Download data: NICE via RIVM

Hospital admissions reported per day

12 morethan the previous value
Number of people from this safety region with COVID-19 admitted to hospital (excl. ICU) on a daily basis. This number entails the amount of hospital admissions reported on one day. These could include admissions from previous days. Patients can me admitted to hospitals in other regions.

Distribution of hospital admissions in Amsterdam-Amstelland

This map shows the distribution of hospital admissions in the Netherlands. It reflects the daily hospital admissions reported to the National Intensive Care Evaluation Registry (Stichting NICE). Tergooi hospitals, Ziekenhuis Amsterlland and Flevoziekenhuis do not currently share their COVID-19 hospital admission data with Stichting NICE. As a result, the actual figures in some safety regions and municipalities will be higher than they appear on the map.

Hospital admissions

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Progression in hospital admissions over time

This graph shows hospital admissions. The figure for each day indicates the number of people actually admitted on that day, not the number of admissions reported on that day. This gives a clear picture of the development of coronavirus in the Netherlands. There are often reporting delays of a few days for hospital admissions; data for the most recent days is therefore incomplete.