Coronadashboard data explained

This dashboard presents a lot of data on the developing coronavirus situation in the Netherlands. In this section we offer information on data sources and calculation methods as well as links to data files.

Fewer updates, still keeping track of the virus

We keep track of the virus by following trends in various sources. Daily numbers can fluctuate widely. That is why we now update the figures 3 times a week (on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday). RIVM monitors current events and passes this on to us. This way we can adjust the update frequency of the figures again if the situation requires it.

Which figures are updated and when

  • On Tuesday and Friday we update positive tests, R-number, hospital and ICU admissions, mortality and the situation in nursing homes, disability care homes, and of people aged 70+ who live at home.
  • We update the vaccination data on Wednesdays.
  • On Friday we update the data on virus variants.
  • The number of virus particles in the sewage is updated on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

The RIVM will of course continue to monitor the virus closely and keep us informed. If the situation calls for it, we can adjust the update frequency of the figures again.


Deliveries and available vaccines


Intensive care


Confirmed cases
Percentage of positive test results at GGD test locations
Reproduction number
Death rate
Excess mortality
Coronavirus variants
Contact tracing GGDs

Vulnerable groups

Nursing homes
Disability care homes
People over 70 living at home

Early indicators

Virus particles in wastewater


Compliance with and support for coronavirus measures


Age distribution in graphs
Numbers per 100,000 people
Numbers per 1 million people
Averages over seven days
“Value of ” and “Obtained”
Population numbers and municipal mergers


Infectious people
Symptoms at general practitioners