Coronadashboard data explained

The dashboard contains many numbers that provide information about the development of the corona virus in the Netherlands. We keep track of the virus by tracking trends in various data sources. For each subject, we provide the following explanation or information:

Where do the numbers come from?

What are the sources and where can they be found?

How are the numbers calculated?

What studies are being done and how are the numbers calculated?

Adjustments and corrections

Which changes over which period were processed on the dashboard and on which date?


Explanation of “Value of ” and “Obtained on”
Numbers per 100,000 residents
Municipal reorganization
Age groups in graphs
Average over seven days

Spread of the virus

Virus particles in wastewater
Reproduction number
Coronavirus variants

Consequences for healthcare

View on the hospitals
View on patients
Vulnerable groups and people over 70

What can you do



Positive tests
Mortality RIVM
Disability care facilities
People over 70 living at home
Contact tracing GGDs
Deliveries and available vaccines
Infectious people
Patients with symptoms at the general practitioner