Coronadashboard data explained
- Coronadashboard data explained

Numbers per 100,000 residents

Where do the numbers come from?

The population numbers come from Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

View the figures on the website of Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

How are the numbers calculated?

To be able to compare municipalities with each other, we convert some figures into figures per 100,000 inhabitants. This way we can compare larger municipalities and smaller municipalities.

Otherwise, municipalities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam, for example, would always have high figures, because many more people live there than in smaller municipalities.

Calculation example
In Katwijk, 47 residents have had a positive test result out of 65,995 residents. The calculation is 47 / 65,995 x 100,000 ≈ 71.2.
Per 100,000 inhabitants, 71.2 inhabitants in Katwijk had a positive test result.

In Amsterdam, 455 residents have had a positive test result out of 873,338 residents. The calculation is 455 / 873,338 x 100,000 ≈ 52.1.
Per 100,000 inhabitants, 52.1 inhabitants in Amsterdam had a positive test result.