Coronadashboard data explained
- Coronadashboard data explained


Where do the numbers come from?

The data for the CoronaMelder app come from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. This data is available as open data.

How are the numbers calculated?

Alerts for infection
The dashboard shows how many CoronaMelder users who tested positive alerted other app users that they may be infected. This figure, taken from the GGD portal, is based on the number of codes shared each day.

Number of downloads
We also show how many people have downloaded the CoronaMelder app. This figure is calculated by adding together the daily statistics for downloads via:

  • Google Play Store (Android)
  • App Store Connect (iOS)
  • AppGallery Connect (Huawei)

Adjustments and corrections

CoronaMelder app stopped as of 22 April 2022

Many measures are no longer needed since February 2022. For example, you no longer have to stay at home when you have been near someone with corona and you no longer have to have a positive self-test confirmed by the GGD. That is why the usefulness of the CoronaMelder has been greatly reduced.

The app will therefore stop from April 22, 2022. The app will no longer exchange data with other users of the CoronaMelder, nor with notification apps from other EU countries. The app can be reactivated if the development of the corona virus requires it.