Coronadashboard data explained
- Coronadashboard data explained


Where do the numbers come from?

Once every three weeks the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) delivers the results of a behavioural survey. This data is available in the form of an open data file.

How are the numbers calculated?

Every three weeks the RIVM conducts a survey to determine the extent to which people comply with and support the coronavirus measures. Around 5,000 people aged 16 and over participate in this survey.

Adjustments and corrections

Since the 12th round of the survey, which was conducted from 11 to 17 May 2021, the RIVM has amended the questions about two rules.

The curfew was lifted on 28 April 2021. Accordingly, RIVM no longer measures compliance with and support for this rule. On the dashboard we show the figures relating to the curfew up to 26 April.

Stay at home if you have symptoms
Up to and including the 11th round of the survey, RIVM may have incorrectly included some people in the group that ignored the basic rule of staying at home if they had symptoms. These were people who had symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 and who did leave their homes, but only after they had tested negative. In other cases, people may have had an urgent medical reason for leaving their homes without first testing negative. While these individuals may not have stayed at home, they did in fact correctly observe the rule. RIVM has therefore rephrased the question relating to this rule.

Because RIVM has rephrased the question, we only show the data based on the new question on the dashboard. The older data is still available in the RIVM’S open data file.

Work from home if possible
The rule ‘work from home if possible’ was not measured in the 14th round (29 June - 5 July 2021) and the 15th round of the survey (13-19 July 2021), because the measure was temporarily abolished. The rule has been measured again from 16th round of the survey (3-9 August 2021). As of round 19 (5-11 October 2021) the rule ‘work from home if possible’ has been changed to the urgent advice ‘work from home, and at the office when needed’. On the dashboard this has been shortened to: 'work at home if possible'.

Stay 1.5 metres from others
As of round 19 (5-11 October 2021) the physical distancing rule ‘stay 1.5 metres from others’ has been changed to the urgent advice ‘give others enough space’.

Avoid busy places
As of round 19 (5-11 October 2021), the coronavirus rule ‘avoid busy places’ is no longer included in the survey because it has been lifted.

Ensure a good flow of fresh air in house
As of round 19 (5-11 October) the new basic rule ‘ensure a good flow of fresh air in house’ has been added to the list of coronavirus rules in the survey.