Coronadashboard data explained
- Coronadashboard data explained


Where do the numbers come from?

Self-reported positive tests
The numbers on the percentage of Infectieradar participants who reported a positive test result, come from RIVM. This data is available as open data and presented on the website of Infectieradar.

How are the numbers calculated?

Self-reported positive tests
Participants of Infectieradar are asked weekly to complete a short questionnaire. This questionnaire asks about complaints that may be related to the corona virus.

For the calculation of the percentage of positive test results, only those participants who have completed at least one questionnaire in that calendar week are taken into account. A calendar week runs from Monday to Sunday. Questionnaires and positive tests of new participants are not included in the first week of their participation.

The results of the submitted nose and throat samples of the self-test study that has been running since September 2022 are also not included in the calculation of the positive percentage.