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Reduced testing due to winter weather

Between 10 to 16 February, fewer people were tested compared to the weeks before. The winter weather played a role in this: some test locations were closed for a while due to the snow. Last week the number of people with a positive test result did not decrease compared to the week before.

In the past week, slightly fewer (-3%) people had themselves tested: 190,188 people in the week of February 8 and 195,166 in the week before. In the past week, 25,229 people received a positive test result. This number is roughly the same as the week before. Of the people who had themselves tested, the proportion with a positive test result grew slightly to 11.5% last week. The week before, this was 10.7%.

The reproduction rate increased from 0.91 (0.88 - 0.93) on January 22 to 0.96 (0.93 - 0.99) on January 29. This is because more and more people are infected with the more contagious British variant.