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Reproduction number above 1

The number of people who were tested for COVID-19 increased by 20% last week. 31,984 people tested positive, an increase of 7%. The reproduction number also rose above 1. It is positive that the first effects of vaccination are visible among the elderly.

Of all people who had were tested, the proportion with a positive test result dropped to 8.9% last week. A week earlier this was 9.8%. The number of hospital admissions and intensive care admissions was about the same as the previous week.

Reproduction number

The reproduction number for all variants combined rose to 1.14 (1.11 – 1.18). This means that 100 people will collectively infect another 114 people. The number of infections will not decrease until the R number is below 1.

The reproduction number for the old variants is 1,02, the British variant has a reproduction number of 1,26 and the reproduction number for the South African variant is 1,37.

First effects of vaccination visible

The number of people over 70 with a positive test result decreased slightly. An increase can be seen in almost all other age groups. The number of newly reported infections in nursing homes continued to decrease. This is an indicator for the initial beneficial effects of vaccination.

Basic rules remain important

The government has relaxed some of the measures. This may lead to more infections as the number of contact moments increases. For that reason, it is even more important to follow the basic rules, like staying 1.5 metres apart, washing hands and testing if you have symptoms. This ensures that we do not infect others.

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