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Weekly update coronacijfers

Last week, 242,961 positive corona tests were reported to RIVM. That is an increase of 21% compared to last week. Never before have we seen such large numbers of reported infections in a week.

Positive Tests
In the past week, 242,961 people received a positive test result. That is considerably more than the week before: when 201,536 people received a positive test result. The number of positive tests per 100,000 inhabitants rose from 1,147 to 1,380. Last week, 695,378 people were tested, which is 18% more than last week when there were 589,657. The percentage of positive tests in the GGD test streets rose from 34.2% to 36.8%.
The proportion of people who had already had a corona infection 2 months or more ago and who are now infected again was approximately the same at 12% as last week. With the increase in the omikron variant, the number of reinfections rises sharply. By way of comparison: in the delta variant, an average of 3% of the people tested had a reinfection.

Hospital and ICU admissions
The number of people admitted to hospital with COVID-19 fell from 940 to 647 people. Fewer new COVID-19 patients were admitted to the ICU than the week before: 63 people in the past week, compared to 116 people a week earlier.

Reproduction number
The reproduction number has fallen from 1.26 last week to 1.16 this week.
For more information, view the weekly update of the RIVM.