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Weekly update corona figures

Between 14 and 21 June, the number of corona infections rose sharply (+70%) for the third week in a row. This increase was observed in all age groups and in all security regions. The number of hospital admissions remained the same. In the ICU, the number of corona patients rose from 19 to 26 (+37%).

Positive tests
In the past week, 26,462 positive test results were reported to RIVM. That is a significant increase (+70%) compared to the week before that (15,526 positive tests).

The number of people who have a test taken at one of the Municipal Health Services (in Dutch: GGD) rose from 18,241 to 32,042. 68.2% of these people received a positive test result, an increase of almost 6% compared to last week (65.4%).

Hospital and ICU admissions
In the past week, the number of admitted corona patients remained stable (268 patients compared to 258 the week before). There were 26 new corona patients admitted to ICU, an increase of 37% compared to the previous week (19 patients). Given the sharp rise in infections, this is still a relatively low number.

Wastewater surveillance
Between 6 and 12 June 2022, the national average number of coronavirus particles in wastewater increased by 37.6% compared to the week before. In the first half of week 24 (13 to 15 June), the average number of virus particles increased again by 34.1%. The Omicron sub-variant BA.2 is still very present in sewage, but a significant increase in the number of sewage samples containing BA.5 mutations was observed again in week 23.

Reproduction number
On 6 June, the reproduction number (R) was 1,25.

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